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Customized Individual Learning

We are committed to serving our student clients achieve their personal academic goals with individualized teaching and small classes


We tailor our teaching to what each of our students wishes to attain.  Students have come to us to:


Any subject whether to improve, stay ahead, or satisfy curiosity such as in:


Computer Science





World History

And many more



AAP Readiness

IOWA Math & Algebra I Readiness

TJHSST Entrance Exam

SAT and/or ACT

AP Exams


College Application & Essay, including Financial Aid Assistance

We focus on individualized learning in our students' topic of interest

About Us

It is our priority to work closely with each and every one of our student clients and provide our full support in helping them accomplish their intellectual goals. 


The quality of our teachers is not a point of concern, but a given.  Through a rigorous process, they are selected based on their own academic merits and equally important, their drive to have their students succeed.  Our students therefore have the privilege of exploring and learning concepts with the full attention and support of all of us.

You may find out more about us in Our Philosophy.  If you or your child is eager to be learning or would like more information, please send us a message below or go to our Contact page for other means of communication.  Thank you.

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You may also go to our Contact page for other means of communication.

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